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First developer diary for the VR game ManMade released

The first developer diary for Cbliab Studios' highly anticipated virtual reality game ManMade was released and new details of the game were announced.

Virtual reality (VR) studio Cbilab, which works at ITU ARI Teknokent, is preparing to launch a crowd funding campaign for its new game ManMade. The game was planned to accept funds on Kickstarter in January, but the campaign was postponed to February.

The studio has published its first developer diary for ManMade, as the game has already begun to build up a fan base. Since the development of virtual reality games was technically different from the traditional game development process, the developer blog was published as a vlog.

Cbilab Studios also made the following statement about ManMade: “Our main character, Kaan, enters the server room we designed to demonstrate our game’s beauty, to get more information about the mysterious manager who recommended him to the most prestigious cyber security company in Istanbul. The evidence will bring him closer to the identity of this manager, but Kaan’s cold-blooded decision there will chance the rest of the game.”

Announced in November of last year, ManMade will take place in dystopic Istanbul of 2050 and take the players to a reality managed by the artificial intelligence.

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