HTC introduces new virtual reality headset Vive Pro

Vive PRO promises better images and less cable clutter.

Entering the virtual reality market with Vive, HTC unveiled the new Vive Pro at the Consumer Electronics Show, and a Vive wireless adapter that will give consumers more freedom of movement. Also new features has been announced for HTC Vive’s main screen Viveport VR, and its video player Vive Video.

Clearer and balanced

The new Vive Pro’s 2880 x 1600 pixel OLED displays provide 78 percent better quality than the previous device. Finally VR games will ultimately be experienced in with crisp and clear images.

Other noteworthy innovations include the addition of headphones to the redesigned hardware set and the redesign of the head strap. HTC say that physical innovations in the headgear generally result in a more balanced product.

While the two microphones with active noise suppression added to the head piece of the device to improve voice commands and online voice communication, the dual front camera of the headgear suggests that developers can better use the physical space.

HTC did not reveal the price and release date of the new VR device.

Wireless VR experience

HTC will offer the wireless adapter in the third quarter of this year that’ll work with both the old and the new Vive head gears. Developed using Intel’s WiGig technology, the Vive Wireless Adapter works with a 60 GHz wireless connection protocol.

Viveport VR

Instead of the two-dimensional catalogs of HTC Vive’s home page Viveport VR, a new content system has been developed, enriched with fully interactive previews. Using this system, users will be able to see the room-size previews of the VR content in the catalog.

Recommended content

Vive’s video player, Vive Video, will now offer virtual reality videos via Vimeo to the users. HTC Creative Labs and Vimeo say the recommended videos are specifically optimized for Vive.

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