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Kodobur’s new game Zeal will be on PlayStation VR

Kodobur, based in Ankara, Turkey is working on Zeal, a new virtual reality game for PlayStation VR.

The game is being developed in collaboration with Kreatin and Reo-Tek studios, who have been producing interactive content for museums and exhibitions over the last decade.

Based on the zombie post-apocalyptic setting, Zeal will be a high-tempo virtual reality shooter. While the game is developed by Ankara based Kreatin and Reo-Tek studios, the optimization is handled by Kodobur studio.

The release date is not yet announced, but the game is planned to be released for the PC as well as the PS4.

In a fictional Eastern European atmosphere, players will give life to Anton who uses a slingshot to stay alive. Every time a player wants to use the sling, they will have to physically stretch their arms and then release just like the real thing.

Zeal’s developers also work on tactical approaches such as burning the slingshot balls, and lighting things on fire by using spilled gasoline. In addition to the sling, players will also have supportive equipments such as Molotov cocktails, knives and speed modifier drugs against the mutants.

Zeal will make the gamers always on alert and force them to physically move. The game is named after protoganist Anton’s favorite rock band. We will be sharing developments about Zeal with you in the near future.

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