Sales numbers of new generation consoles revealed

Developed by Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, new generation console sales for September have been announced

VGChartz focuses on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch which joined them later on, sold only to end users in a monthly sales update.

Published in September 2017, the Nintendo Switch continues to increase its market share, while the PS4 outshines Xbox One.

According to the statement, Sony PlayStation 4 sold 1 million 391 thousand 603 unit, Nintendo Switch is at 927 thousand 909 and Xbox One is at 449 thousand 454 units. Compared to the same period of 2016, the PS4 is selling 23 thousand and Xbox One is selling 196 thousand units less.

According to September sales, the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One have a market share of 16 percent and 34 percent respectively, while PlayStation 4’s market share is 50 percent.

PS4 and Xbox One were released in November 2013. Switch, which later joined the next generation console competition could be found on the shelves in March this year. While PlayStation 4 has 65 million units sold, Xbox One is at 31 million. Switch, without even completing its first year has exceeded 7 million sales.

Their distribution of market share is as follows: PS4 at 63 percent, Xbox One at 30 percent, and Nintendo Switch at 7 percent.