Cloud Imperium want the CryEngine case dropped

Cloud Imperium, the developer studio of Star Citizen, the game that garnered the highest amount of funding in crowd funding, responded to the lawsuit filed by Crytek.

Crytek licensed the CryEngine game engine to Cloud Imperium for Star Citizen at a special price with some conditions.

Crytek filed a lawsuit  claiming that Cloud Imperium did not adhere to the conditions specified in the license agreement.

Cloud Imperium noted that the license agreement they signed with Crytek did not support all the claims in the case file and demanded that the case to be dropped.

While the license agreement prepared by Crytek states that CryEngine is licensed for only one game, the same deal gives Cloud Imperium the right to use the game engine both in Star Citizen and its one-person spin-off, Squadron 42. On the other hand, as stated by Crytek in the deal, Cloud Imperium can use other game engines.

Crytek, the creator of the series, such as Crysis and FarCry, was at the forefront of the issues raised in the litigation case, requiring Cloud Imperium to mention and show that Star Citizen is being developed on CryEngine in all their promotions and showcases. Cloud Imperium lawyers, however, argued that the game was no longer developed on CryEngine, and that this claim was null and void.

Star Citizen, which has been on a massive fundraiser since 2012 and has not been released yet, has so far raised $175 million in support. The game, gathered $34.91 million in 2017, this amount is twice as much as the rest of the game projects on Kickstarter.

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