Digital Gaming Industry Clustering Project was introduced with a meeting

Details of the project were announced by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce officials at the meeting. Interested parties should apply until November 15th.

Several clustering projects that are aimed at improving the gaming industry’s exporting, production and innovation have been supported in our country for many years. Many digital gaming companies were receiving consultancy and development support by taking part in various projects. As a new addition to these projects, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ICOC) announced the first clustering project specifically for studios in İstanbul. Details about the project were shared in a meeting on October 25th.

The application procedure

The first step of the clustering project is the applications of game companies. You can apply the project by filling out the participation form.

The deadline for applications is November 15, 2019, and then the evaluation phase will begin. The collected applications will be evaluated by the authorities assigned by ICOC and the game companies to be included in the cluster will be selected. Although the cluster is open in theory to all studios, companies must meet certain criteria.

The growth of Turkish gaming industry over the years. 95 percent of the product sales are exports.

After the participant companies are selected, a major process will start by matching the companies with their advisors. The advisors will make an analysis in order to determine the training needs of the studios and a 3-years long schedule will be set.

TOGED is also supporting ICOC’s clustering project. This helps gaming companies in Istanbul to grow effectively by joining together, and sharing experience and knowledge. The Clustering Project will take 3 years and developers will be able to get consultancy services and participate in several training activities.

You can see the project now from the link or by scanning QR code.




Berçem Sultan