GameMaker Studio 2 has a cheaper version now

YoYo Games' popular game engine GameMaker Studio 2, has a more affordable version called Creator Edition now.

The 2D game development tool, which can be purchased from the company’s web site, ensures that studios reduce the cost of development. YoYo Games recommends the Creator Edition version to developers who want to improve their capabilities.

Creator Edition is available for Windows and Mac systems and allows the development of games for these platforms. Offering easy-to-use 2D tools, the package makes it possible to make games quickly.

The Creator Edition package removes the limitations of the trial version, giving developers the opportunity to use advanced functionalities such as shaders, integrated content control, texture groups, and SWF support.

The 12-month license for Creator Edition is available for $39. Developers who have the Creator Edition and want to develop games for iOS and Android can get the 12-months Desktop Edition license for $99 with a 30 percent discount.

GameMaker Studio 2 already has many different licensing options, each of which can be tried for free. The enhanced versions of the engine support development for PCs, mobile, and consoles.