Pixofun has won Brand Hall Award

IsGame which is an online banking strategy game proved itself on its category

IsGame, a “serious game” developed by Pixofun, has won Gold in 2019 Brandon Hall Excellence Awards for “Best Use of Games and Simulations for Learning” category.

During the recent years, the category of “serious game” has started to stand out all around the world.  Because serious games is mostly preferred by companies, they aren’t seen as frequent as other categories. Within the context of serious game, motivation procured by games, is used to learn things. Pixofun, depending on ODTÜ, develops “serious game” and “gamification” projects for companies that have considerable contributions for Turkey’s economy.

Games that Pixofun developed in the field is used by more than thirty international companies such as KFC, Migros, Starbucks and Turkcell.

Berçem Sultan