ITU is launching a post graduate program on game development

Istanbul Technical University announced that the post graduate program in Game and Interactive Technologies will be launching in 2017-2018 academic year’s second semester.

The multidisciplinary master’s program, started by ITU Computer and Information Engineering and Architecture Faculty in 2016, was approved by Turkish authority YÖK in July 2017.

The Master’s program aims to educate individuals who will be academically equipped and able to compete internationally and develop their innovative designs with ethical awareness, using their knowledge of expertise.

Students will be taught game design, game development, game production, game modeling, 3D artificial vision, virtual reality, serious games, artificial intelligence in games, interaction and interface design.

The program, which is based on two main foundations, design and programming, will have a quota of 16 students in the first year. Students graduating from the master’s program will fill key job positions that the gaming industry needs.

The game development program will train development specialists, system specialists, software developers, artificial intelligence experts, data analysts and test specialists. In the design side of things, game and simulator designer, system designer, level designer, interaction designer, service designer, data analyst, game researcher, UI / UX designer, ambient artist and 3D artists will be trained.

While programming course will be obligatory for people who study Architecture, and Design, 3D Modelling will be compulsory for people who study engineering.

Those who wish to apply for the master’s program that will provide Python-based programming courses must have completed one of the undergraduate programs: Computer Engineering, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Interior Architecture and Industrial Design. The students who will apply to the graduate program are expected to have at least 2.6 (100 note: 67.33) undergraduate marks, while the required minimum ALES grade is 70.

You can find detailed information about the program here.