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Steam Awards 2017 winners announced

Steam, the world's most popular digital gaming store, announced the winners of the Steam Awards 2017, decided by its users.

Steam Awards, Awards are held every year in two stages with the participation of users. The main difference with other game awards is that the candidates of the Steam Awards prizes are selected by the users.

This year only game developed in Turkey and nominated for the awards was TaleWorlds’ Mount & Blade: Warband. The Turkish game, which has millions of fans around the world, has been nominated in the category of ‘No Apologies’ with the votes of the players.

The categories in the Steam Awards 2017 and the list of games winning the prizes are listed as follows:

Choices Matter Award – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

“Gaming means freedom of control and you have the control. Maybe because there are 50 different ways you can enter the enemy’s lair. Perhaps because you have dozens of comrades that you can have romantic relationships with. Or perhaps you just think, “Where to place these turnips?” These three disparate scenarios have one thing in common: they always leave the choice to you.”

Mom’s Spaghetti – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

“Some games excite you. Some will make you happy. But there are games such that the strong effect they leave on you causes you to react physically. Your knees will be shaking. It leaves your palms sweaty. It makes you accidentally break things in real life. It stops your breath like a sudden clicking noise from the basement in the dad of the night.”

Labor of Love – Warframe

“This game has progressed a lot. It has been a long time since the developer’s first day of releasing their imaginary worlds about their creative ideas, but the developers continued to support and enlarged their worlds, just like good parents. This game is persistent for all the years, even today it gets new content.”

Suspension of Disbelief – Rocket League

“Let’s be honest now: the games can have some pretty absurd elements … the stuff that tells you what to do, the elements that are necessary to overcome the obstacles, and even the main heroes themselves. This is an award for a game which is totally crazy when viewed from a distance, and has a key element that does not sink very much while playing and is completely logical when you get used to.”

The World is Grim Enough, Let’s Just Get Along – Stardew Valley

“The games will entertain us; they offer an escape from our sorrows, sadness … and to be honest, it was an extremely challenging year for many people in 2017. So the award goes to a game without war or conflict.”

No Apologies – The Witcher: Enhanced Edition

“This prize is for the game you love unconditionally. Does it have some problems? Maybe. Don’t the other people understand why you like it? Absolutely. But no apologies. There is no fault here. Just fun.”

Defies Description – Garry’s Mod

“This game is like a thing … how I like it … it looks a lot like it … do you know it? I can not describe it, go and play it yourself. ”

Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War – Just Cause 3

“This game does not give you the biggest bangs. It offers much better, a potential to have the greatest bangs. It has the potential to become a game that will have the ultimate carnage and explosions. Or… maybe not. No one will tell you to run amok. You will decide to instill havoc yourself.”

Haunts my Dreams – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

“This award was actually a bit misnamed, because this game does not get into your dreams. From the moment you wake up in the morning, it does not come out of your mind. It does not ask you to spend your time with it, because you already spend that time willingly.”

Soul of Vitrivius – Rise of the Tomb Raider

“The Vitruvius Man is the praise of Da Vince towards the ideal form of man. Inspired by this praise, our award is for the most wonderful game character ever created … This character can be a person, a cat, or an alien human, even a crop.”

Whoooaaaaaaa Dude 2.0 – The Evil Within 2

“The Academy did not say much about the clarification of this category last year. Let’s try it one more time this year. This prize is for the “Fear and Loathing in Vegas” of the video games.”

Best Soundtrack- Cuphead

“There is very little to improve a game more than the music. A simple song can adjust each piece of the game from a boss battle to simple questing. This prize is for the soundtrack that perfectly envelops the game’s soul, so that, it doesn’t even make any effort to be praised”

Even Better Than I Expected – Cuphead

“We all have experienced this. Think of a game. You’re incredibly excited about this game, pre-ordered it and expected it to download immediately. Eventually, the game is downloaded and you play. How do you feel now? I would like to congratulate you if your answer was “Even though my expectations have been high and I was in the front of of the hype crowd, the game was so good that it blew my mind”. This means you have the perfect candidate for this award.”