Turkish sci-fi game Tartarus is out

Developed by Abyss GameWorks in Istanbul, Tartarus will be released on Steam on November 22nd. It had the support of the after domestic gaming industry and received favorable first reviews from the foreign media.

Developed using the Unreal Engine 4, the game invites players to a survival battle in Tartarus, a space mining ship, in the year 2230. In order to overcome obstacles encountered by Cooper, a space miner who has no training in electronics, software, and piloting, players have to solve the puzzles offered through terminals.

Publications such as PC Gamer, Epic Games and PCGamesN were excited about Tartarus’ approach to combining puzzle genbre with science-fiction.

The PC Gamer Magazine asserted that you’d need pencil and paper in order to survive the mystery of the ship and that the game was worth waiting for.

Tartarus, with only English voiceovers and text support, will be the first game of Abyss GameWorks consisting of a team of eight people. The studio is currently working on other games and a VR project.

The Turkish game industry also supported Tartarus to be released on Steam. Local gaming notebook manufacturer Monster, and ViewSonic Turkey have contributed to the development with the hardware they provided.

You can access the Tartarus Steam page here.

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