Facebook launches pilot program for game broadcasting

Facebook, have launched a new game broadcasting initiative named Gaming Creator Pilot Program to make their hand stronger against Twitch and YouTube.

The Gaming Creator Pilot Program, launched to provide tools for game broadcasters to make it easier to publish on Facebook, is the newest of the world’s largest social networking giant’s extensive steps in game streaming.

Previously, an agreement was made between ESL and Facebook, and the social network became the main publishing partner of CS: GO Pro League and ESL One Events.

It is stated in the announcement of the program, which is still in its early days, that Gaming Creator is working to make Facebook, Instagram and Oculus suitable for game broadcasting. On the other hand, it is planned to develop tools that will allow game publishers to “make a living” with broadcasts they do on Facebook. This statement is being interpreted as audience will be able to pay the streamers directly through the platform.

“We have a lot of work to do, and we’re building the necessary infrastructure, including 1080p@60fps streams, to make the game streamers successful.” Facebook’s collaboration with ESL had a troubled start. The first events of ESL broadcast on Facebook were due to the inadequacy of the live broadcasting infrastructure of the social network, and ESL Senior Vice President Ulrich Schulze had to make a statement about it: “The viewing experience on Facebook is not where we want it to be yet. ”

Over 2 billion users are advantageous compared to Twitch, the market leader in terms of gaming publishing, and its closest pursuer YouTube. ESL believes that this advantage of Facebook can play a big role in the popularity of e-sports.

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