ATOM Celebrates its 10th Anniversary


Founded by Middle East Technical University (ODTU) in 2008, the first thematic pre-incubation center of Turkey, ATOM (Animation Technologies and Game Development Center) is ready to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The event will take place with the attendance of well-known executives of the industry in ODTU Galyum Blok on 2nd of November, Friday.

Playing a significant role in the development of the industry, ATOM has started living its golden age since 2015 and achieved many success over the years. With the services offered as project management support, publishing preparation support and comprehensive mentor workshops within the scope of ATOM support program, the numbers of the developers have scaled up and the success of the industry has gained importance on a global scale.

The developer team and companies have reached a total export volume of 3 million dollars this year. Also the rate of the companies that have been supported is already more than 20% of game industry of Turkey.

Embracing the idea of teamwork and solidarity, ATOM organizes joint activities and trainings with the participation of companies and academicians in order to spread teamwork culture and support the teams.

In addition to the “Design Evenings” events where the teams discuss their progress and support each other with comments and discussions, Game Talks events are also held by ATOM which bring the game fans together.

Furthermore, The Game Developers Association of Turkey (TOGED) is in a cooperation with ATOM. Participated in 2015, 2016 and 2017, in one of the biggest video games expo of the world, Gamescom, ATOM also provided opportunity to developers to promote their games on a global scale by acquiring the support of Ankara Development Agency in 2016 when Turkey was the partner country of Gamescom.  

Within the scope of the development of entrepreneurship directed to the one of the highest value-added industry; game development and animation, Global Game Jam was held for the 10th time in 2018 and with the attendance of over 200 people, it was one the most busiest GGJs globally.

Selected as the regional main event organizer due to the contribution to GGJ, ATOM has provided support to the other GGJ centers by evaluating the applications.


Award-winning games

ATOM succeeded to get 7 awards with “Motif” and “Otsimo” in Jury Exclusive category, “Fabric” and “LVL” in Promising Game cateory, “kubrain” in Innovation cateogry, “Alchemist’s Castle” in Game Design category and “Newton Puzzle” in the Best Mobile Game category in Kristal Piksel Awards, the first and only one video game awards organization of Turkey in 2017.

Developed by and published by one the companies supported by ATOM, MildMania, the game “Rop” placed at the top of App Store in the first months of release.