COMİKON-İstanbul is coming soon

What will take place of the festival?

COMİKON – İstanbul will be waiting for its visitors at Harbiye Askeri Müze Kültür Sitesi on 19-20 Oct. 2019.

The event that bring long-standing Comic Convention to İstanbul, gathers populer culture fields like comics, animation, character design, game design, illustration, cosplay, sci-fi, fantasy literature, FRP/card gmaes/board games, social media, Youtube.


Featured events on COMiKON-İstanbul 2019

  • TV TOKYO, the creator of world famous anime series like Naruto, Boruto, One Punch Man, Fairy Tail, Bleach, Soul Eater, Evangelion, Gintama, Pokemon, SONİC X, Yu-Gi-Oh, offers their original anime products and V-Tuber (Virtual Youtuber) technology to the anime lovers.
  • Asurafilm, producer of Doraemon, MonsterZ MATE, GUNDAM, BATMAN NİNJA, Berserk, Altair: A Record of Battles, Little Witch Academia, WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY, Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Odyssey of the Celestial Ark is one of the guests. Asurafilm will talk about Japanese anime industry, and also examine portfolios of the young talents.
  • HADO which combines the AR tech with esports
  • AR teknolojisi ile esporu birleştiren HADO, is called as “futuristic sports”.  The game that has HADO World Cup has started to spread world quickly. People, interested in compter games and sports will be able to play the game in the area at COMİKON.

  • Satoshi Shiki, honored guest of COMİKON 2019, will tell how he draw Attack on Titan series, how he became mangaka and show how a mangaka draw his/her work on live-draw session. Shiki who will give one of his orginal and signed drawings, autograph after the session.
  • Jean Wacquet, Editor in Chief of Edition Soleil, famous French comics publisher, will give a seminar about a succesful portfolio, and also examine the portfolios of the ones who want to be an illustrator at the international level.
  • Shigetaka Mochizuki, who takes part in many worldwide known anime such as Doraemon, MonsterZ MATE, GUNDAM, BATMAN NİNJA, Berserk, World of Final Fantasy and Little Witch Academia will be one of the guests.
  • The young illustrator Yumeshi Kokubun, who travel around the world by drawing dragons with his own technique, share his techniques at the Live-draw event.

Other events

  • Artist Alley consists of the works of 60 artist
  • Anisong Grand Prix song contest
  • COMiKON Fight! Offline game torunament
  • Cosplay workshop
  • CosPOWER Catwalk
  • K-Pop dances
  • Just Dance
  • Life-Draw drawing event (drawing of the cosplay models under instructors supervision)
  • FRP/Card/Board games
  • Maid Cafe: Foods and drinks in Anime universe
  • Origami, painting Manga, Japanese writing stands
  • Figures, merchandise, book and painting material stands
  • Experience of animation making on lightened tables
  • Dr. Who, Dungeons&Dragons, anime and game, fantasy literature, sci-fi movies

such panels and speech will be waiting for its visitor at COMİKON 2019. Moreover, different contents for  children and adults within “COMiKON Akademi” 



Berçem Sultan