Erasmus+ PUDCAD Universal Design Education Practice Conference

PUDCAD closing and promoting event will be held between 24-26th of June 2020 on ITU.

PUDCAD is a project granted by European Commission for the Erasmus+ and conducted by Republic of Turkey Ministry of European Union to provide the inclusion and efficient accessibility of the people with disabilities into everyday life. European Commission motivates many organizations to work on the on the said subject to raise awareness about accessibility and the rights of the people with disabilities.

The project intends to make students use universal design knowledge and skills through an empathetic approach and submit games on a CAD-based platform. Ensuring empathy among the designers and people with disabilities is another goal of the project. The project will deal with undergraduate design education to trigger the awareness of accessibility issue.

PUDCAD Universal Design Education Practice Conference: Game + Design Education” will be the event to finalize and promote the  project and it will be organized by ITU Team.

The conference aims to create a common platform for both sharing the project outcomes and to invite interested parties from all over the world. The conference is intended for only academicians, students and professionals from different specialties, and will take place on 24-26 June 2020 at Istanbul Technical University Taskisla Campus. Everyone, who wants to share their studies about this subject, is invited to the event.

The conference will be held in English. More information about the project can be found here and details about the conference can be found here.