GIST 2018: 30,000 TRY Overwatch tournament

NVIDIA, OMEN by HP and Blizzard organized an Overwatch tournament with a prize pool of 30.000 TRY at Gaming Istanbul 2018 Fair between 1-4th February.

While the hardware was sponsored by OMEN by HP, the cash prize was sponsored by GameSultan. OMEN by HP and Blizzard’s Geforce Overwtach tournament attracted hundreds of gamers accross all ages.

During the tour held between the dates of 1-4th February, prize pool consisted of four HP OMEN GeForce GTX Gaming Notebooks with a total worth of 20,000 TRY and a cash prize of 10.000 TRY.

The most valuable player (MVP) of the day selected at the finals held every day was awarded the HP OMEN GeForce GTX Gaming Notebook. Besides this, every player who participated in the tournament was entitled to receive a special arm band from Blizzard. In addition, many promotions and small gifts were distributed in the event area.

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