GIST provides career opportunities

Gaming Istanbul (GIST), digital entertainment and video games expo of Turkey  will take place at Eurasia Show and Art Center between the dates of 31st of January and 3rd of February 2019 for the fourth time in Istanbul.

GIST while bringing together the best hardware&software and video games industry leaders, keeps contributing the development of Turkish video games industry every year. Representatives from global gaming studios, developer and distributor companies come together with Turkish professionals at the GIST Developer Conference and GIST B2B Area.

The billion dollar game industry is looking for employees

Besides the booths and entertainment areas, the special places seperated for conferences, panels and investors also aim to bring together video games industry. Games Industry in Turkey, with its 40% export rise in 2017 and reaching 700M $ in 2018, it’s predicted the numbers will arise at around 1B $.

The game companies, which bring together employees from different disciplines are in a need of professionals who worked as character designers, graphic designers and composers as well as programmers, interface experts, marketing, public relations and HR. So who’d like to expertise in those areas, they could easily take their chances in Developers Conference and B2B section in GIST.

Video games world meet professionals

While professionals come together and investors are highly intested in GIST, Gaming Istanbul will gather all needs in the same place.

Here you can see the finalized list of the professionals for now;

  • Keren Berger (Biz Dev, TabTale)
  • Patrick Rau (CEO / Creative Director, Mad About Pandas)
  • Taras Terletskyy (Designer / Composer, Sample Rate)
  • Ellis Bartholomeus (Desinger Consultant, Ellis in Wonderland)
  • Natalia Potekhina (Head of Production, Inlingo)
  • Yuval Yaar (Sales Manager,  AppsFlyer)
  • Lukasz Juszczyk (Head Artist, 11bit Studios)
  • Çağlar Eger (Director App Store Relations, Good Game Studios)
  • Stephan Steininger (Editor in Chief, Gamesmarkt)
  • İlker Aydın (CEO, Famobi)
  • Nicola Baletta (Editor in Chief, Making Games)
  • Enric Pedro (CMO, Lab Cave)
  • Elizaveta Elizarova (Head of Expansion, Google)

Professional ticket holders will have the opportunity to arrange schedules and meet business professionals from all over the world with 2Meet application in addition to participate in the GIST Networking Party.