GoodGamers will hold first conference during GIST

Meaningful talks on game development

GoodGamers is not just a B2B news portal, it has several components that will help accelerate the Turkish game market, and frequent talks on development and industry is one of the main activities we are hoping for. But we are aiming to create talks and conferences with its own unique identity. Comfortable talks in relaxed atmosphere, zero sales pitches, only short meaningful talks. One thing for sure is, the journalists are always better at moderating talks than developers. And we have many of them.

But let’s be honest, it’s not our core business, we are media and we are really busy with it, and we have no idea how frequent or how long we can manage talks. Still we decided to give it a go and partnered up with Gaming Istanbul to organize our first little conference. This way, we will be adding more content to Gaming Istanbul, extend their Developers Conference one more day and we’ll have the atmosphere we are hoping for our talks.

Our first conference will consist of 5 panels in Turkish, but we hope to also have international content in the future.

Please visit GIST Developer Conference webpage for more information about their international content and talks. They also have B2B events and matchmaking, It’s also a good chance to meet us.



Tugbek Olek
As one of the oldest professionals in the Turkish video game industry, Tugbek Olek started his career back in 1996 as a technician. For 20 years, he has been the quintessential force behind magazines such as Oyungezer, Level, Progamer and Free2Play as Editorial Coordinator. In 1999, Olek organized the first everprogaming event in Turkey, setting the foundations of e-sports in the country and paving the way for Turkey to be represented at 12 international organizations worldwide. Also, he is the co-founder of Seti Media, which has been developing various projects with the leading companies of Turkey under his guidance, ever since it was founded back in 2004. Among these projects, the most prominent are Playstore, the first digital game store of Turkey, and The Game for Big Kids which is the first executive gaming club in the world. Tugbek Olek is also a Board member of GoodGamers and Advisor fo Turkish Game Developers Association.