Istanbul Facebook Gaming Publisher Day was held

Continuing its investments in the gaming industry, Facebook held its Gaming Publisher Day event in Istanbul

Facebook has been interested in the gaming industry for a long time now. The social media giant’s latest event for the professionals in Turkey was the Facebook Gaming Publisher Day. Hosted by experts from company’s Audience Network and Gaming teams, the event took place on October 9th.

What happened at the event?

The event was diected at technical teams focused on building games and business teams focused on user acquisitions and monetization. Facebook’s Audience Network team showed developers how to monetize their customers with high quality, engaging ad formats such as rewarded videos.

On the other hand, the Ads team made speeches on the key metrics and tools the developers needed to efficiently acquire new users.

There was also a presentation about Walnut Unlimited’s latest research on:

– The changing nature of games monetisation
– How in-app ads can improve user retention?
– Which monetization models deliver the best ROI?