Razer won the most awards in Consumer Electronics Show

The Linda Project, which Razer exhibited at the Consumer Electronics Show, was awarded the "Best of CES" by 20 different technology and game publishers.

Linda, a concept project that transforms the Android Razer phone into a computer, has been awarded many times by renowned publishers compiling the most innovative products introduced at CES 2018.

15 publishers, including WIRED, The Verge, T3, and Popular Mechanics, also gave Linda the “Best of CES” award.

Razer had received many awards for projects they have introduced at previous CES’, Project Valerie (2016), Project Ariana (2016), Project Fiona (2012) and SwitchBlade (2011) were all winners.

Razer’s founding CEO, Min-Liang Tan, “I am delighted to introduce the future of mobile computing with a Razer phone hybrid”. Linda, enables the smartphone to turn into a laptop computer.

The new gaming mice Mamba and Firefly HyperFlux won five different accessory awards from the publishers.