The first AWS Pop-Up Loft in Istanbul is completed

Participants of the event had the chance to meet AWS and AWS Business Partner experts, and received technical guidance from AWS Solutions Architects and AWS Heros

In Galata Greek Primary School, AWS Pop-Up Loft İstanbul provided system creators, enterpreneurs and developers with access to AWS sources that would help them to create strong and successful cloud-based applications, on Sept. 19-27, 2019.

Within the context of Loft, AWS Transformation Day (on Sept. 19) gathered Turkey’s business and technology  leaders to examine the transformative opportunities of cloud. All day event hosted speakers from leading organizations of Turkey like Turkish Airlines, Boyner, Demirören Technology, Doğuş Technology, FLO, Sony Europe, Etiya and Equinix.

Right along with presentations and workshops of AWS partners, there were plenty of technical conversations about artificial intelligence, machine learning, ‘serverless’ architecture and IoT in Loft’s events. More than 90 workshops, educations and sessions were maden during AWS Pop-Up Loft Istanbul. There were 51 speakers; 32 of which are AWS clients.

AWS Loft Istanbul, also, gathered enterpreneurs who start –or plan to start– a business at Startup Day, on Sept. 25.

Head of Product at App Samurai, a self-service mobile advertising tool, pointed to auto-scaling services of AWS. “Amazon helps us to fulfill 10.000 requests from 1.000 global customers in a second with a little and effective team.”


Berçem Sultan