Microsoft acquired cloud-based gaming platform PlayFab

Microsoft has announced that they have purchased PlayFab, which offers online gaming services and analytics.

Today’s games are constantly updated and some of them can not be played without a stable internet connection. PlayFab’s underlying full-solution platform provides readily-available server applications, normally built by developers.

The PlayFab platform is used in over 1,200 games, including popular productions like Killing Floor 2, Pathfinder Adventures, Battletech and Planetary Annihilation.

By integrating PlayFab technology into the Azure cloud infrastructure, Microsoft will make it more accessible to small-scale game developers.

PlayFab analytics tool

PlayFab’s founding CEO, James Gwertzman, says that the analystics and live-service tools have been used by more than 3,000 studios to date, and added: “Thanks to our tools, studios now have new content, live events and frequent updates they can constantly evolve and scale productions. ”

Gwertzman pointed out that famous producers such as Disney, Rovio, Capcom and Bandai Namco are also among the customers of PlayFab, stating that they are mediating 1.5 billion micro transactions each day (20,000 at the moment).

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said they are continuing to pursue new opportunities in the $100 billion gaming market and said: “This acquisition means that we have expanded our approach to games from heads down to toes, from the development stage up until release in games.”

The financial details of the purchase agreement were not disclosed.

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