Star Citizen collects $175 million in crowd funding

Star Citizen, which tops all the other gaming projects with the highest amount of funding in crowd funding scene, has collected twice the funds of other gaming projects in 2017.

Star Citizen, which has been massively funded and modularly developed since 2012, has received $35 million funding in 2017. The $34.91 million support it scored is twice as much as the amount of funding ($17.25 million) for all other gaming projects that launched campaigns on the Kickstarter platform.

The game collected 36,11 million dollars in the previous year, and 2015 was a 41,5 million dollars of funding for the project.

Star Citizen, in total garnered more than $175 million of support from players to date, will provide two different games to its backers. While the Squadron 42 will be a one-man space adventure, Cloud Imperium also develop an online game that is identified with the Star Citizen brand and will be launched as a “permanent universe”.

These games, which have been developed for five years, have not yet been completed and their release dates are unknown.

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