Applications for the 2nd semester of the LeanLab entrepreneurship program have started

İstanbul Kalkınma Ajansı-supported program aims to educate academics and students with commercial ideas about entrepreneurship.

Supported by the Istanbul Development Agency, LeanLab Project is a program for academics and doctoral students, who have ideas with commercial potential. The program aims to improve academic entrepreneurship via university, public and industrial cooperation. Various criteria and approaches are taken into consideration in accordance with the university programs and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Istanbul.

The program includes instructors such as Jason Lau, one of Core Strateji’s partners, and Murat Tortopoğlu, the owner of Yaratıcı Yıkım. In addition, people who will mentor the participants throughout the program include experts and experienced names in entrepreneurship.

The registrations for the second semester of the LeanLab Project, which aims to take academicians and researchers out of the laboratory and prepare them for entrepreneurship, have started.

The application deadline is 15 November 2019 and you can find the application form here.