CD Media Turkey announces a distribution agreement with Warner Bros

Warner Bros games will be distributed by CD Media in Turkey


CD Media Turkey, official distributor of Nintendo products, agreed with Warner Bros after they took on the distribution of Bethesda Softworks on July.

CD Media Turkey will be Turkey distributor of PC and console games for Warner Bros which ended their three-year collaboration with Bilkom.

While Spiros Giamas, CEO of CD Media, indicates that they are happy to announce the agreement with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment; he also tells that Turkey is the newest country in their WBIE distribution field after Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria.

As you know, regardless of the high prices of Nintendo products, on the part of Bethesda, there is no negative progress from the point of users. How Warner Bros game prices will be affected by the collaboration with CD Media Turker is the key concern now.



Berçem Sultan