Erdinç İyikul: Turkish players are result-oriented

Erdinc İyikul, Riot Games's Director of Publishing for Turkey, shared remarkable data specific to Turkey, about League of Legends, one of the most played game in the world.

Riot Games, the representative of e-sports ecosystem in Turkey, makes its mark through investments made in e-sports and video games markets. Their adventure that is started with League of Legends, launched in 2009, continues to grow with the company’s new games and projects.

Erdinc İyikul, Riot Games’s Director of Publishing for Turkey,  shared remarkable insights about gamer behavior in Turkey by looking at the data of League of Legends. The analysis, visualized with the following infographic, includes information such as the times when League of Legends is played the most and the cities where it is most popular.

  • The prime time, once defined as “TV time”, is now positioned as “game time”. In 2019, LoL was played for 400 million hours in our country. The most popular days are Saturday and Sunday. In this sense, the definition of entertainment is changing; digital games stand out as a space created by the new generation. There is a transition from monologue and individual consumption to a social and interactive entertainment concept.
  • League of Legends has become one of the locomotives of the esports ecosystem today, with more than 100 million active players monthly.
  • With a total of 15 million accounts opened in our country, LoL, is one of the most played games in Turkey. Also, the number of new records in the past year is more than 2 million.

We are result-oriented

Erdinç İyikul made the following evaluations about the general player profile; “When we look at the player profiles in Turkey, we see the champions that want to get quick results, eliminate the most critical point of the opponent in a single move, are the most preferred. Our players prefer the role they choose to be effective and stand out in matches. Thus, for example, the champions, whose especially sudden damage potential is high (assassin), is preferable champions in Turkey. How we love to be a striker and score a goal in traditional sports football; we love to score quickly and be the star of the team in Summoner’s Valley. “

Berçem Sultan