Game developers contribute to the development of industries

Ali Erkin, president of TOGED, talked about the evolution of game industry in Turkey

Ali Erkin, president of Game Developers Association of Turkey (TOGED) that gathers game developers in Turkey under one roof, shared his forecasts with Anadolu Agency about national and global game industry. Erkin indicates that Turkish game industry, which has $1 billion exports, contributes to plenty of industries like defence, telecommunication, health, marketing, transportation and education.

The share of mobile and console games will increase

Ali Erkin indicates that mobile games has 60% share of the game industry which has $150 billion in size. “This doesn’t means that other game platforms are weak. For example, it’s should be submitted that PC games, supposed ineffective by some parties, represent $30 billion size with 20% market share. Also, consoles that decrease their market share form 45% to 20%, are estimated to grow when new generation consoles come onto the market. The industry is not affected by economic crisis. It reaches 2 billion player by growing with the different fields and technology.

Akin also said that it’s the most important opportunity that game industry, reaches 2 billion player, is not affected by economic crisis.

Turkey has a great potential

Ali Erkin, evaluating game industry in Turkey, claims that local game industry shows its potential with rapid growth rate, increasing developer and game numers and $1 billion value exports. To be able to further this great potential, increase the national and the international success examples and provide sustainable evolution environment, communication and communion of sector is substantial.

While Ali Erkin said new exciting games are on the way, he also states that local game developers are at the top of Google Play Store and Apple App Store sale lists by domestic and overseas cooperations.

“When we consider wide product range, can say our local game development expertise increase incrementally. Growing export ranges and employement opportunities stand out as significant factors in our industry. We, as TOGED, continue our education and mentorship program for new generation developers. In the direction of our goals for the years ahead, we’re planning to be an effective area internationally and also put into practice new support program and projects.



Berçem Sultan