Erdinç İyikul became the new Country Manager of Riot Games

İyikul, who was Director of Publishing in Riot Games Turkey since 2019, took over the country manager position from Onur Tamer.

Erdinç İyikul was appointed Country Manager of Riot Games’ office in Turkey. İyikul is in the industry as a gamer since his childhood, and  involved in different positions in Riot Games’ Turkey office since 2012.

From a gamer to the Country Manager of Riot Games’ office in Turkey

Erdinç İyikul, who has been in the game world since a young age, has been in the game industry for about 14 years professionally. İyikul began his career by taking part in Nintendo‘s office in Turkey, where he worked as a Product Manager for over a year. Later, he established the first video focused gaming website to bring a different structure, where latest videos and reviews from the gaming world are included, to the players.

After five years of being editor in chief of the website, he joined Riot Games Turkey. Erdinç İyikul, continued his mission in Riot Games as  “Riot Games Director of Publishing” in 2019, took over the country manager position from Onur Tamer, who was appointed to the American office of Riot Games.

Erdinç İyikul, who started his new mission on April, shared his excitement with the following words: “It is proud to take this mission in a period when TFT mobile is coming out, LoR launch is approaching, closed beta process is started for VALORANT and there are many more exciting projects. As Riot Games’ Turkey team, we will continue to work with a great passion and enthusiasm to give players in our country the best gaming experience so far.”


Berçem Sultan