Meet the creator of Bannerlord’s medieval musics: Ensemble Galatia

Ensemble Galatia who records medieval musics for Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord share their experience

Have you met Ensemble Galatia, a medieval music band that makes Bannerlord’s musics?

Normally, they planned to record for Mount and Blade: Warband background musics, in 2007. However, because they didn’t have access to instruments nor the recording environment to handle such work at that time, the collaboration wouldn’t happend. Fortunately, they came across with the developer team of Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord in 2018, and they started to record for the game.

Ensemble Galatia was already making music for 16 years before Bannerlord. Now, they shares their experience as a musician with the interview with TaleWords.

Experience of composing original music with TaleWorlds is a first for them

Ensemble Galatia’s recordings have been used in TV series, documentaries and short films, but this is the first time that their records are used for a video game. In addition to this, they mostly performed songs that survived to this day in written form or through oral sources. They evaluate stylised composition in this manner as a new and exciting pursuit.

The team usually are composing music that’s going to be used in physical locations, such as taverns and palaces. Even though stylised composition is a whole new adventure for them; Bannerlord’s historical background being based on reality and each of the kingdoms inspired by medieval cultures really made things a lot easier for them. They say, researching, reading, listening and experimenting on each culture was an enjoyable learning process.

Ensemble Galatia thinks that every culture in the game was so detailed and visually substantial, so, it’s really hard to put forward one over the others. They say they feel like a part of the cultures.

The band designed album series Codex Minor (Small Manuscripts) as Mini-albums / EPs, where includes examples of various medieval European music on 11 Oct. You can reach the album from all digital music platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, Fizy, Apple Music, Google Music and many more.

And of course, if you wish, you can listen their special records for Bannerlord while playing!

Full interview: TaleWords


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