Unobstructed gaming experience for disabled players

Estanbul E-sports and Gaming Center provides special tables for players in wheelchair.

In recent years, with the evolution of digital gaming culture and becoming a complete socialization tool, internet cafes have also undergone a transformation within themselves. Now, many internet cafes, which are known as game centers, become meeting points for gamers.

One of these places, Estanbul E-sports and Gaming Center, has placed two special tables for disabled game lovers to play comfortably.


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As we said, the game became available as a socializing tool. Rather than stayin in the room and spending a significant part of the day at the computer, it is of great importance for personal development and individual satisfaction to create their own communities for gamers. As well as game events,game centers that are accessible every day, can help all individuals who come together as a player to organize tournaments and make friendships among themselves.

Unfortunately, these gaming centers are still seen as areas that only male players visit. We need to make online culture a tool for offline communication in order to evaluate this technological transformation and understand the internet age we are in, especially for young individuals. In other words, people need to continue to communicate face to face.

Digital games, where physical differences do not make sense, provide platforms where all individuals can exist equally. For this reason, we need game centers that become safe spaces for all gamers without gender, age and diabilities. The fact that Estanbul has reserved special tables for players in wheelchair is one of the important steps for the transformation and future of this internet cafe culture.

These small steps will determine the future of gaming and internet cafe culture. With a very cliché discourse, we can say, “We are building the future.” Therefore, even if there is no disabilities in the gaming universe, it is also in our hands to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable gaming experience by removing the limitations.


Estanbul E-sports and Gaming Center stated that people who want to use these computers can make an appointment. They also say that players with disabilities will be hosted with the most reduced price.


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