Oldmoustache officially announced their new game The Bell

The Istanbul-based studio Oldmoustache Gameworks, known for No70: Eye of Basir, announced their new game, The Bell and released five screenshots.

The first visual about Oldmoustache’s new game, The Bell, appeared on the social network pages of the studio during past December, but no announcement or explanation was given about it.

Oldmoustache also shared five screenshots from the dark world of the game:

Explaining that their first game No70: Eye of Basir gave them experience and that they were working on a more steady basis for The Bell, Oldmoustache said their new game is focused on the story and gameplay.

Although the team refused to give details about the story, they stated that it would be a story-driven adventure-puzzle. They are working on a more streamlined story and puzzle system.

The studio shares their development process with their followers through Trello. Followers can reach out to the team to suggest ideas. Oldmoustache plan to integrate ideas from the supporters into the game.

The team, who predicted that the new game would not have as long a development process as No70, still refused to give a release date. Noting that game development business in Turkey is tough so the support they get from The Bell will decide their future projects’ fate.

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