Axell Studio takes $400 thousand investment

Recently established local game company Axell Studio has taken $400 thousand investment from Google Premier Partner Agency Destex Digital and Rasyonel Global.

Axell Studio CEO, Onur Eyikul stated that with this investment, they will continue the activities of the game development studio established in Skyland Istanbul; and their first game, Back Streets, will take its place in Google Play and Apple Store at the beginning of 2021.

The game industry analysis proves us that bigger developments will be observed in this area. We are planning to create 4 games in a year. We will carry the game development activities a more important point with our successful team.

Chairman of the board at Rasyonal Global, Murat Erat, indicated that it provides an important investment sector development in Turkey and will continue to provide investment support for digital operations. The domestic game company, which targets America, EU countries and Arab countries in the first place, will continue its activities with new game projects that will be developed according to the country dynamics in the future.

Destex Digital has undertaken all digital advertising operations that will be created for Axell Studio.

Berçem Sultan