Radore supports Start-ups with 85.000 USD

Established in 2005, Radore Data Center Services, Inc. aims to prodive individual and corporate web hosting services, offers  85,000$ Radore  Start-up Pack for free for one year to support the needs of start-ups.

In order to get more information about the support, General Manager of Radore Data Center, Sadi Abali responded to our questions.

GG: What is Radore Start-up Pack?

Sadi Abali: Radore Start-up Pack is an IT infrastructure support service that can be used free of charge for 1 year upon application by start-ups operating in the Radore-contracted incubation centers. For detailed information, visit

GG: Does this support include game developer teams/studios (regardless of platform), which may be operating in the mentioned technopark and incubation centers?

S.A.: Start-ups with good ideas, operating in the Radore-contracted incubation centers can apply for the Radore Start-up Pack. Start-ups that may require information infrastructure services provided as part of the Radore Start-up Pack may benefit from this service without limitations on the sector they operate in.

Being Turkey’s fastest-growing data center, we have provided support services valued in excess of USD $9 million per annum for 110+ start-ups through our Start-up Pack until today. At the same time, we continue to collaborate with many key incubation centers in Turkey, including Bilkent Cyberpark ITU Core, ITU Ginov to, COOP – The Fintech Huber KWORKS, StartersHub SUCOOL, Üsküdar Fikir Sanat Workup, Yıldız Teknopark, DEPARK Bambu and Başakşehir Living Lab. Likewise, start-ups as important as Easy HR, Dopigo, Simlex, Bumerangla, Gamehub, Jetract, Parkkolay, and received professional support from Radore both during the installation and live use phases last year.

GG: What kind of services are provided as part of the consultancy?

S.A: In fact, many start-ups are learning what they need on the go. Combining our 14 years of experience with entrepreneurial sensitivity, we try to assist start-ups to establish their technical infrastructures. We are helping them to create mid- and long-term strategies for identifying and using IT infrastructure resources, even when they don’t have any plans or targets. Our system administrators are helping the start-ups in the area of IT infrastructure, particularly with regard to system and network design. Radore Start-up Pack does not fit the definition of a direct mentor or angel investor. Rather, it is safe to define it as a service with a view to supporting start-ups with a professional IT infrastructure when those start-ups are new and still getting to grips with their technical issues.

GG: What responsibilities will start-ups due to receive support during this one-year offer bear towards Radore?

S.A.: Start-ups operating in contracted incubation centers can avail of the Radore Start-up Pack for free for one year. This offer is free with no strings attached.

GG: What should start-ups take into account when choosing a data center?

S.A.: In order to quickly get past the problems that may be experienced at the beginning of their lives, start-up companies are advised to choose a data center with which they can keep close contact, and where they can drop in and have access to an expert team who can help them to take quick action when needed, thereby making their lives a lot easier. At this point, it is possible to sort the criteria that they need to consider as follows:

  • Data center location and facilities
  • Customer support services
  • Uptime ratios and reliability
  • Flexibility and growth capacity
  • Installation processes
  • Power use and energy efficiency
  • Financial status

It is vital for start-ups to quickly complete the infrastructure and system setup and to get their proprietary systems up and running as soon as possible. This way, they can put their business processes on track by saving time and cost. It is equally important that this process should not be interrupted for the new start-ups as downtimes interrupting system functionality often lead to loss of reputation.

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