Turkish game streaming platform Gamehub seeking investors

An exciting project from Turkey, GameHub is a cloud-based game streaming platform that allows compute-heavy games to be played over web browsers without being downloaded.

Games nowadays reach gigantic sizes thanks to their realistic graphics and audio files. Download sizes of 50 GB are becoming a norm in the industry and system requirements are ever rising. Netflix-like GameHub is made for gamers who wouldn’t want to wait the downloads to finish or who lack a top of the line PC to run the games.

GameHub launched a campaign with the goal of 100,000 TRY (26,485 USD) in Turkish mobile operator Turkcell’s funding platform Arıkovanı, collected more than 25,000 TRY support but it only has fewer than 20 days to reach its goal. You may reach the campaign here.

Turkey’s first game streaming platform
GameHub aims to be the first game streaming platform in Turkey, working with NVIDIA’s “Game Stream” tech, it enables games to be played independenly of the computer’s technical specifications. Only afast internet connection and a computer capable of playing HD videos is needed. You can register for a beta trial at and as soon as the campaign is successful you’ll be able to choose the games you want to play from a library of titles.

Hardware costs to be covered by crowd funding
Gamers will connect to dedicated high performance PCs to play the games with high quality graphics and low input latencies. The platform will stream the games in 720p video quality. Developers Ömer Faruk Atıcı, Harun Baydoğan, Hamdi Cem Karadaş, Buğra Öztürk and Burak Gavaş got things done well on the software side, but they still need to reach the goal of the funding campaign to invest in high performance hardware to run the games efficiently.