Quantic Dream denies claims of homophobia and racism

Quantic Dream, a France-based game studio, was the target of criticism after an ex-employee made statements about corporate culture, and an investigation was launched on the studio.

A Quantic Dream employee, whose name is kept secret, spoke to the French newspapers and claimed homophobia, racism, sexism, and heavy workloads are what constituted the “toxic” environment of the studio.

Le Monde, Mediapart and Canard PC newspapers proved the assertions by providing examplary evidence. There were more than 600 insulting photos and news about dirty jokes among the published.

Following the publication of the news, the Paris prosecutor’s office announced that harassment and discrimination investigation will be launched on Quantic Dream.

Much of the criticism in the anonymous interview was directed to David Cage, the founding president of Quantic Dream. Cage, accused of making “dirty jokes” and “ignoring women team members,” also allegedly constantly put pressure on the developer team during the development phase of the famous Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain.

The last claim against Cage is that after watching a video of an armed robbery, he turned to a Tunisian developer and made a racist joke saying, “Is this not your cousin?” Guillaume Fondaumiére, general manager of Quantic Dream and David Cage both said they were dumbfounded and angry at the accusations.

Among the complaints, Fondaumiére is also said to be in inappropriate behavior against female employees.

Speaking to Le Monde, Cage reminded the newspaper that they fought for the LGBT rights with Ellen Page and for civil rights with Jesse Williams.

Quantic Dream’s chief programmer Aurélien Loizeau has argued from his Twitter account that the claims do not reflect the truth. Noting that the studio is impeccable, Loizeau said that developers spent an average of 7 years in Quantic Dream and implying for the existence of an acceptable work environment.

A statement was also published on the Twitter account of the studio that denies the claims.