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When remembering the history of video games in Turkey, it is best to take a look at the first gaming magazines. While the first video game consoles and cartridges were making their way into the country, gaming magazines were already emerging too. And in the late 80’s, when video games started to become popular, gaming media was already leading the creation and development of a gaming ecosystem in Turkey.

While growing along with the gaming industry, gaming media gained new platforms and new family members. Over time, our mediums became more digital, just like games, and started reaching an even wider audience. Gaming media has always tried to keep up with and meet the needs of the industry.

A PORTAL INTO THE INDUSTRY was founded in cooperation with veteran members of the gaming media to meet one of those needs that we have been neglecting for a long time: Industry news and need for more communication within gaming industry. The growth of gaming industry in recent years has made the need for such platforms stronger. However, undertaking such an important responsibility required people that have been in the business since the early days to come together. Iconic names of the gaming media, who have been appealing to their own audiences and creating countless content, have come together under the umbrella of GoodGamers. will host news about local and global gaming industry with the motto of “hear it from the professionals” and be a guide for everyone who tries to understand Turkish gaming industry, and seek their chances for new cooperations. That is why it is going to be a bilingual platform.

The prominent gaming outlets of Turkey, namely Bölümsonu Canavarı, Fragtist, IGN Türkiye, Karikoca Gaming, Level, Merlin’in Kazani, and Oyungezer came together to create, whose aim is to fortify the internal communication and cooperation of the local gaming media. Operating with a mindset rooted in the common interests of gaming industry, this new industry-specific medium targets to place itself among the “bookmarks” of industry professionals with its special features and daily news. emerges as a non-profit platform in line with its aim to contribute to the development of the industry and enhance the sectoral communication. Therefore, visitors will never come across an advertisement, sponsored content or advertorial on this site. We’ll be covering our editorial costs with contributions and sponsorship.

GoodGamers aim to observe every aspect of gaming industry, so you will see analyses and insights from figures who are already experts on various areas of the industry. The founders of this platform will also be  editors of this new medium, sharing their opnions and  industry-specific analyses. While keeping its finger on the pulse of the gaming industry with interviews, features, market research and opinion pieces, targets to set the agenda of the industry with weekly bulletins and social media posts. Keep an eye on LinkedIn and Facebook groups because they are going to host some interesting debates.

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She’s a mobile game addict since Nokia 3310, Space Impact, even if she claims she prefers console games. After several years in advertising, she continues her career as an editor to turn the game that are a great part of her life, into a part of her career.



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