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“Teknoloji ile Üretelim” Aims to Create a Producing Society in Turkey

"Teknoloji ile Üretelim" has been founded to educate young people to produce technology in Turkey.

The kick-off meeting of “Teknoloji ile Üretelim” (Let’s Produce With Technology) took place in Zorlu Center Raffles Hotel on 25th of February 2020 with participation of Co-founder of FutureBright Akan Abdula, General Director of Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey (TEGV) Associate Professor Deniz Tunçalp, and General Director of Lenovo Turkey Emre Hantaloğlu.

Teknoloji ile Üretelim Co-Founders

The platform was created by organizations that are all successful in their fields such as FutureBright Group, TEGV, ITU ARI Teknokent, and Başrasoft, with the leading initiative of Lenovo. The platform aims to establish an infrastructure that will help future generations to create a productive society in Turkey.

FutureBright’s research has revealed that Turkey is a consuming country instead of producing when it comes to technology. According to the data obtained from the research, Turkish people are inadequate in integrating technological tools into education, design and digital-based production. Besides that, the lack of knowledge about technology production was also shown to be one of the reasons for the current situation.

The data released by FutureBright, let to the founding of Teknoloji ile Üretelim. The main purpose is to increase value-added production in our country and to support social welfare in Turkey.

Goals of The Platform

The objectives of the platform include providing children, students and entrepreneurs with an introduction to the technological world whilst supplying them with the necessary equipment to give them a competitive edge in value-added production. With the platform, it is planned to teach the basics of coding to 50.000 children between the ages of 7-13 for a year. Children will also be able to connect to courses from distance with the mobile education platform.

Within the scope of  Teknoloji ile Üretelim Platform, ITU will establish a “Software Technologies Training Center” for entrepreneurs in ARI Teknokent. In this part of the platform, effective and productive computer use will be taught to vocational high school and university students. Besides that, 3D printer education, advanced coding, vocational coding, social media management and web design will be also taught.

Left to right: Akan Abdula (FutureBright), Deniz Tuncalp (TEGV), Emre Hantaloglu (Lenovo), Sait Tosyali (TEGV)