Android Nougat games now work on PC

A beta version of BlueStacks App Player that allows Android Nougat games to be played on computers has been released.

The Silicon Valley-based mobile gaming platform BlueStacks enables Android Nougat games to run on computers with HyperG graphics systems thanks to its new application player.

With the Android Nougat (N) compatible version of Beta released on January 19th, BlueStacks App Player will now be able to run all of the old and new games on the Google Play Store on the PC.

With more than 215 million users worldwide, the Bluestack App Player captivates players with the ability to play mobile games with keyboard and mouse.

First implemented in BlueStacks 3, the HyperG graphics system uses the Android N graphics settings. This makes it possible for players to get sharper images at a higher frame rates and use less computer resources.

BlueStacks Global Product Management Director Cathy Yang, “With BlueStacks App Player N Beta and the updated HyperG graphics system, we are offering about 20% reduction in CPU usage and up to 30% improvement in graphics performance. We will continue to monitor the performance data and release an advanced version compatible with all PCs including AMD and Intel processors as soon as possible.”

The beta version of BlueStack App Player can be obtained here.

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