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AR/VR initiatives received record level investments in 2017

Augmented and Virtual Reality investments have reached record levels in 2017. The vast majority of the total investment of over 3 billion dollars has been made to big names like Magic Leap, Improbable, Unity and Niantic.

Augmented/Virtual Reality Report, published by Digi-Capital, points out that investments in the virtual reality sector have been increased and reached record levels, exceeding $3 billion in 2017.

Nearly half of this $3 billion invested at the end of the investment round, which was attended by numerous investors, was made to only four companies. While both Magic Leap and Improbable have garnered $500 million, well-established names like Unity and Niantic have scored $200 investments.

The report, enriched with the views of 30 investors from California and China, has featured a snapshot of the previous year’s investments as well as the forecasts of verticals in which the investors would be interested in this year. According to the report, investments in mobile AR technologies will outweigh the applications created with existing AR technologies this year.

2019 will be the leaping year

At the end of this year, Digi-Capital estimates that the number of AR-enabled equipment in use will be around 900 million. On the other hand, revenue generated by mobile AR technologies is expected to make a big leap in 2019.

The report points out that investments in the first half of this year will be the deciding factor if the investments in the realm of virtual reality will continue to grow or not.

Tim Merel, general manager of Digi-Capital, noted that the mobile AR trend is still in the early stages, warning that investors should be patient, pointing out that the scaling of enterprise-driven initiatives may take time.

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