Gram Games announces the fourth installment of the Merge series

Merge series, which have been downloaded more than 25 million times so far have a new member: Merge Farm! It is free to play as well

The number of successful and addictive mobile games is not small but achieving this success is not that easy. With simple and striking gameplay approach, Gram Games have reached more than 25 million downloads this year, and Merge Farm! continues to be the successor to Merge Town!.

To succeed in Merge Farm!, you have to have a profitable farm. This is accomplished by cultivating crops of various species. After planting, it is possible to grow by combining the same species, increasing crop success by harvesting crops as they grow. Besides, it is also possible to customize fields with buildings, animals and decorations.

Gram Games co-founder and CEO Mehmet Ecevit, said “Merge Farm! is the first farming game made by Gram Games. While adding a new dimension to the series, it keeps the familiar infrastracture so the loyal Merge! series fans will have easier time to adjust. It’s easy to play but needs a serious planning. The right timing is essential for a successful farm ” about the game.

Ecevit follows through “Merge Farm!, Merged!, Merge Dragons! and Merge Town! ‘s success and says that they are thrilled to be able to offer Merge-type games to people all over the world. They have now completed their fourth game and will introduce other games before the end of the year. “they year 2017 will be a milestone for Gram Games” says Ecevit.

While previous three games were multiplatform, The fourth edition of the game can only be played on iOS as of now. You can grab it here.