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Google is building its own game streaming platform

Google is working on a game streaming service that will work have a subscription model. According to reports in the world press, the service will work on the hardware built by the company.

According to The Information, Google is preparing to get a share from the digital gaming industry, which has reached a volume of more than $ 100 billion a year.

The company’s code-named Yeti game-streaming service will allow players to play games over the cloud without any downloading or installation. According to the report, Google plans to offer the service via Chromecast or a console that it will produce.

Having some of the largest data centers in the world, Google will provide gamers with cloud services through the Yeti service through monthly payments. Therefore, players will need a steady and fast internet connection.

Google’s began to share its plans for Yeti with the game developers. It is stated that the company is looking for business partners who will make their games available on the platform and develop exclusive games for Yeti.

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