A second-hand game store based on blockchain emerges

The Robot Cache digital store will allow second-hand PC games to be bought and sold by a crypto currency named IRON, and publishers will receive 70 percent commission.

Brian Fargo, a well-known face of the gaming industry is competing against Steam using the block-chain technology. Fargo, who has made a number of famous games with Interplay and inXile Entertainment studios, will help sell second-hand PC games through the Robot Cache game store.

Users who want to buy second hand games from Robot Cache will pay by credit card, while those who want to sell games will do so at the price determined by the developer or publisher. Robot Cache will receive 5 percent commission, while 70 percent of revenue from the sale of the game will go to owners of intellectual properties.

Users will receive 25 percent of the resale price of second hand games. On the other hand, studios and publishers who will sell their games through Robot Cache will pay 5 percent commission on each sale of the platform.

“The blockchain is a continuously growing decentralized database that was first introduced with Bitcoin, in which the records are linked to each other by cryptographic elements.”

Users who sell second-hand games will not earn money but will earn a crypto currency based on the ERC-20 (Ethereum) standard named IRON. IRONs can be used to buy other games on the platform. Robot Cache states that users can turn IRONs into traditional currencies when they want, and those who want to do IRON mining can do it.

Noting that it was not possible for publishers to earn money from re-selling PC games, Fargo said they wanted to provide a healthy cash flow, especially for small and medium-sized studios.

Lee Jacobson, who took over the CEO of the company, is another one who gave life to the Robot Cache project. Jacobson, who has been in the game industry for more than 20 years and worked in studios like Atari and Midway Games, was also the CEO of Apmetrix.

Robot Cache, asking for $15 million funding for special content and collaboration deals, will organize a fundraising event for it. If everything goes as expected, the platform will be available in the second quarter of this year.

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