AC: Origins’ copy protection overloads CPUs

It is believed that the protection and encryption tools Ubisoft uses in its fight against the piracy overload computer systems.

The Assassin’s Creed series continue with AC: Origins. But those who had a chance to play the game complained that their CPUs were overutilized. AC: Origins uses 100 percent of the CPU, people believe Denuvo anti-tamper system is behind this.

Denuvo is an anti-tampering system which protects the actual DRM from being cracked, it’s used by game publishers to protect their IPs against piracy. Allegedly,  Assassin’s Creed: Origins have an updated version of Denuvo and it seems it made the CPU overwork.

Earlier versions of Denuvo were cracked by crackers and AAA games were downloaded by pirates. Ubisoft is reportedly using VMProtect technology as well as Denuvo to protect the most ambitious game of the series. Denuvo and VMProtect’s security combination is constantly scanning computer systems to make sure that the game is not pirated, and for that reason, it seems to put an extra load on the systems.

While there is no explanation from Ubisoft about the issue, it is expected to be fixed with an update for the game. On the other hand, it should be noted that the copy protection system is not yet broken by crackers.