Crackers beat Denuvo 4.8 copy protection

Denuvo, the copy protection technology used in more than 350 million software and games to date, has their newest 4.8 iteration broken by crackers.

With frequent updates to their software protection technology, Denuvo ensure that today’s games are more protected against piracy than before.

The games that were offered for sale in the last autumn and protected by Denuvo, were cracked one by one. After the defeat, the company strengthened their protection with the 4.8 version. However, this version is also cracked recently.

According to Merlin’in Kazanı, “Sonic Forces”, protected by Denuvo 4.8, has been cracked, and other games protected by this technology are likely to follow.

Last years ambitious productions such as Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Injustice 2, NFS: Payback, SW: BattleFront 2, FM 2018 and Star Ocean: The Last Hope HD Remaster are protected by Denuvo 4.8. It’s been a question if the company is going to release updates for those games that are not cracked yet.

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