Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg leaves the company

Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg leaves the company

Since 2010, Hirshberg, the number one executive at Activision Publishing has made the company create a number of successful projects.

Hirshberg’s break-up was also confirmed by Activision Blizzard’s social media accounts, which is part of Activision’s roofing company, and he has been thanked for his efforts.

Hirshberg will be relieved of his daily responsibilities at Activision in March.

Hirshberg’s farewell statement “Being CEO of Activision is a great excitement and honor. This is a great company. We regularly present great experiences to the gamers and fans and there is no other company that can do it like us. I have a great admiration for the incredible teams that I had the chance to manage. I would also like to thank Bobby Kotick for offering me this opportunity. ”

Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard, said in his response: “We made historical and great success in Eric’s era. Such an inspirational leader, we will miss his creativity and ambition. He is leaving the team, the brand and work at the top. My full support continues to him and I appreciate his efforts. ”

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