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New Steam releases surge by 50 percent

The amount of new game releases from January to October of 2017 have surpassed the number of releases in 2016 on Steam.

According to Daniel Ahmad, an analyst at Niko Partners, the online gaming platform is expected house six thousand new releases this year.

Last year, the number of new games offered for sale on Steam was 4,207. According to Niko Partners, this year’s number of new games will see an increase of around 40 percent.

Steam Direct increases number of new games
Steam was using the community-powered Greenlight voting system to select productions to be accepted to the store until June of 2017. The productions receiving the most votes would become available to purchase. Steam Direct, replacing the Greenlight system enabled a huge number of new games to be available. In the three months following the introduction of Steam Direct, 1,300 new games were released.

According to ICO Partners the number of games released on Steam in the first two months of Steam Direct increased by 50 percent compared to the same period of last year, and by 146 percent compared to 2015. Just in the second week of October, 88 games were released on the platform.

Independent developers’ revenue still plunges
The management of content on Steam was a big challenge for Valve and they needed a new system that would protect the interests of both players and developers.

Unfortunately Steam Direct, which was introduced to mitigate this problem didn’t prevent the decline of indie revenues. According to SteamSpy, average first-month sales have declined by 39 percent, and overall revenue has by almost 50 percent since 2015.