Paradox Interactive’s new CEO is Ebba Ljungerud

Paradox Interactive, a publisher of strategy games, is experiencing a big change. Fredrik Wester, CEO of the company since 2009, leaves his chair to Ebba Ljungerud.

Fredrik Wester will continue to serve as the chairman of the board of the Swedish game publisher Paradox Interactive. Instead of Wester, Ebba Ljungerud, one of the board members of the company, will take over the executive board.

Ebba Ljungerud, who has been a member of the Paradox Board of Directors for four years, also served as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing in the online casino games company Kidred Group.

Wester, who has been in the Paradox team for about 15 years, said the company is approaching 300 employees and now they need a top executive that can continue the growth. The company’s new CEO, Ljungerud will be responsible for the growth, while Wester will focus on new areas where Paradox can expand.

The new Paradox CEO, Ljungerud signaled that the company could make new acquisitions in the upcoming period. In the last three years, Paradox have focused on acquisitions and mergers. The company bought White Wolf in 2015 and Triumph studios in 2017. Last month they have invested in minority shares of Hardsuit Labs.

In addition to the change of the CEO, the current chairman of Paradox, Håkan Sjunnesson will be the vice chairman.

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