Sony to release multiplatform games

Some of Sony’s new games will be released across different platforms, including Nintendo's new game console Switch.

Unties, a new publishing company founded by Sony Music Entertainment plans to release the Tiny Metal game on PS4, as well as PC and Nintendo Switch.

Tiny Metal is just one of the many games to be cooked by Unties. The company plans to publish three more games, announcing that one of them will be for the PS4 and the others for the PC and platforms that have not yet been announced.

Sony Music says the new company is set to deliver high quality, independent productions to people. Unties makes games easier to publish by not forcing binding agreements on game developers. Sony aims to make ‘the free and unlimited publishing’ into reality with its new company.

Unties’ projects will not be the first multiplatform experience for Sony. Sony Online Entertainment brought games such as PlanetSide 2, and Payday: The Heist to the PC crowd. This department was later sold and renamed as Daybreak.

Tiny Metal is a strategy game developed by Area 35. After its release on November 21st, Unties is expected to release Merkava Avalanche and Deemo-Reborn on other platforms as well.