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Steam calls digital gift cards into play

Steam has greenlit digital versions of the physical gift cards that can be used on the platform.

Physical Steam Gift Cards, which can be purchased through providers in numerous countries can be used for purchasing games, software, hardware (for the supported countries) and other items on Steam. Digital gift cards will allow friends and family members to top up their Steam wallets online. Players can send 5 USD, 10 USD, 20 USD, 50 USD, and 100 USD gift cards to people in their friends lists.

It is possible to personalize the digital gift cards by adding notes limited to 160 characters. Digital gift cards can only be purchased with credit, and debit cards or Bitcoin. It is still necessary for people without the proper means of payment to use physical cards if they want to top up their wallets. Official distributors selling these cards in Turkey are listed as Perdigital, Game Sultan and EPin.

More information on gift cards and how to use them is available on the Steam platform.