THQ Nordic acquires Koch Media

Giant publishing company THQ Nordic announced that they have acquired Koch Media for 121 Million Euros.

Koch Media, a gaming publisher established in 1994 in Germany, also has Deep Silver studios in their sleeves. With the purchase, the popular series such as Metro, Saints Row and Dead Island, owned by Koch Media, have also become to THQ Nordic’s property.

“THQ Nordic now believes that Deep Silver studios, will successfully deliver at least four ongoing AAA gaming projects,” said THQ Nordic CEO Lars Wingefors. One of these projects is Metro Exodus and the other two are being developed by Dumbuster Studio and Volition Studio.

CEO of Koch Media, Kantratitz: “We believe that THQ Nordic will be a great fit for Koch Media in strategic terms, as well as having a long experience in game development and publishing. THQ Nordic is also committed to the development of skills, enthusiasm and the capital that will enable us to grow even further in the future.”

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